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Conceived in California, Scion is a marque of Toyota and was designed as an extension of Toyota’s effort to appeal to younger customers. A “marque within a marque” Scion was primarily sports compact vehicles that had a “pure price” model, and offered a single trim with a range of options for personalizing. Attik was the agency responsible for handling the creative. Marketed as a youth brand Zenith was their agency for non-traditional and traditional national media planning, strategy and placement in highly effective targeted areas. Scion took aim at Millennials and in 2004, they hit the market with a national marque rollout to connect with their future consumer.



Our agency Nature was in the unique position to create a “get in on the ground floor” opportunity for Scion on three emerging segments to secure a critical connection between Toyota’s marque and their future consumers. Our strategy was to pitch Zenith on all three innovative media brands generating mass appeal, Tablist, Bounce and Goods and draft RFPs positioning Scion’s clear and deliberate support for the growth of youth culture in three separate market segments.



All of our Nature products were published four times a year and circulated 25,000 copies nationally and internationally through subscriptions, retail, newsstands, online and marketing. We were able to secure Zenith/Scion business and brand across all three titles and segments. Beginning with Tablist for Scion’s national roll-out in 2004, adding Bounce in 2005 and Goods in 2006. Until 2008, Toyota’s marque had heavy in-book presence was provided exclusivity, custom merchandising programs and premium placements at full frequency.


During our tenure with Zenith/Scion and along side of many other agencies, the years between 2004 through 2008 accounts for the highest number of vehicles sold in each category four years running.