Project 2050: Triple Double

Helping out our peers in a pinch by securing client approval on their EA Sport account for our friends at Project 2050.



Collaborate with Project 2050 on their EA Sports account as creative lead and department head. Project 2050 was creating a weekend-long product launch event, “Triple Double,” for the release of NBA Elite 11 (NBA Jams) in the form of a pop-up platform. The experiential event targeted the cross-culture consumer, took place at a vacant bank in Herald Square and brought together the art, basketball and video game culture.

Unsuccessful attempts to secure approval meant prolonged schedules, money, and potentially hurt business. Needing EA Sports and NBA’s approval on an identity for their project, in the eleventh hour, Project 2050 sought the services of a credible agency. Reputable and highly creative, deeply rooted in culture marketing, capable of winning the approval of a Fortune 500 company with the expertise to execute flawlessly in little time.



Create a visual identity and message that owned and represented Project 2050, their project, Triple Double, their client EA Sports, the NBA, and the art, basketball, and video game culture and target audience. Creative vision, strategy and market expertise were crucial for this project, as it required alignment with Project 2050’s, EA Sports’ and the NBA’s brand guidelines, their project’s concept, the art, basketball, video game communities and target audience.

Conceived and applied a universally understood symbol, with an unmistakable call to action, the “play button.” Use the “play button” element to brand the concept, visual brand, and message, “Play Ball. Play Creatively. Play EA.” Three times the “play,” three times the activity, “Triple Double.” The underlying message is saying, “playing by the rules, creatively.” That’s something the EA Sports and NBA brand can appreciate it gave the target audience an authentic, positively influential branded message and identity to bond together and represent the whole experience.



Apply concept, identity, and messaging across all manor of deliverables. Work quickly with stakeholders to seamlessly and flawlessly execute a full suite of branded assets included but not limited to a bank environment, signage, interactive and advertisements through Alloy Media and social media. Market the event as our new client project through our network of young professionals and party goes by providing viral, online, social and non-traditional promotions.


The effects were manifold, the concept, id, message and meaning we ideated secured the product launch event, “Triple Double,” solved P2050’s creative dilemma, won EA Sports’ and NBA’s approval, and gave the target audience an authentic, positively influential branded message and identity to bond together the whole experience.

Throughout the weekend a bevy of institutions and individuals enjoyed the star studded culture experience. Generating hundreds of thousands of impressions from thousands of attendees.