Re-designing success for a DIY NYC playground basketball zine.



In 2003 “Streetball” was gaining mainstream momentum. It was steps away from becoming the influential cultural movement that is globally evident today. When a team of active basketball players formed From The Playground LLC and launched a pocket-sized DIY playground basketball zine, Bounce. It took aim at players of all ages and levels who love basketball. The team and brand was devoted to basketball from the playgrounds of New York City and offered compelling, authentic coverage of basketball as it’s played around the world from competitive summer tournaments to backyards.

After launching their very first issue of Bounce, From The Playground LLC was shopping around for a leading startup agency capable of taking their product, brand and business to the next level.



Secure creative business on the FTP LLC account then pitch our agency brand’s media business model as a blueprint for publishing and marketing their product and brand, Bounce. Operate as client’s full service agency and sales lead. Implement demographic research, develop and provide full client portfolio service responsibility B2B and B2C, assisting in setting rates for advertisements, subscriptions, and single-issue prices. Re-brand the look and feel for all manner of communication and position Bounce as Nature’s new client and project. Align our client’s brand with our networks, advertisers and distributors to optimize promotion, distribution and advertising.

Ideate and provide critical solutions for business, brand and content for From The Playground LLC and advertisers.

Nature-Bounce_Media Kits-1920x1000


Introduced Bounce and it’s community to our market and nation as the “next” youth culture movement and premier basketball consumer media brand. Utilize research and conduct client interviews to customize brand and communication assets not limited to magazines, collateral, advertisements, one-sheets, media kits, inserts, subscriptions, clinics, tournaments, merchandise, packaging, contests and giveaways. Reformatted a single issue basketball zine into a national sports consumer media brand producing content and releasing media product four times a year. Implemented a framework for publishing and operate on a fiscal production schedule by which editorial, advertising and marketing content was ingested, organized, created, executed and distributed.

Activated and managed a full suite of marketing programs targeting companies from different industries with brands aimed at the youth market who benefited by our products and services. Provided advertising accounts direction and management, solicit and secure RFP’s and execute custom merchandising programs not limited to in-book content sponsorships. Optimized profit by maximizing advertising revenue and implementing cost-saving measures. Negotiated favorable terms for printers and clients by housing and aligning production schedules and coordinating frequent bulk runs with printers offering the best possible quality and service at the best possible rate; served as lead with printers.


Provided level setting account management and direction. Retained by key in-house advertisers at maximum frequency, three consecutive years. Secured premium placements and custom programs for key brand advertisers. Retained by From The Playground, LLC for three consecutive years.

Increased advertising revenue by 150% in Y1, 75% Y2, and 125% in Y3.

Circulation increased by 150% in Y1, 150% Y2, and 100% in Y3.

Brand sold for an increased profit in three short years.